No surprise: our core competence is Designing FPGAs (or ASICs), the more complex the better.

But if you need help for a “not-so-complex” project, or just for one very complex block, or if you need our expertise for other reasons, we should be the right partner. Check the dedicated pages for the different services that we offer.

We have many customers who, after more than 20 years of cooperation, keep coming back to us for new projects. There must be a reason…

In addition to our strong investment in our IPs and our training activity, we keep our Custom Design and Services activity alive and well. It is always a partnership that we enjoy, and contributing to successful projects is gratifying for our Engineers.

ALSE was created to help customers, share a strong know-how, and solve difficult problems.
Twenty-five years (and 100% of success) later, this is still our core Mission.
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If you ask for our help,
we will serve you.