10G Ethernet : is it for you ?

10G Ethernet for FPGA

We have a 10G Ethernet version of our ground breaking GEDEK IP ! Yes, it’s 10 times faster, and clearly, software solutions on FPGAs are unable to cope with such data rates (they struggle to address the Gigabit transfers without loss).

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10G Ethernet ???

10G Ethernet is quickly becoming available as an affordable standard, if not for the masses yet, at least for the scientific and industrial worlds.

Modern high-end FPGA now implement 10G SERDESes (transceivers) that allow single lane 10G Ethernet that can drive either short range copper cables (<3 m) or long to very long-reach optical fiber cables.

Once again, (10G) Ethernet has became the easiest and cheapest method to transport 1 Gigabytes per second between two systems (like between a Data acquisition platform and a Processing platform -GPU or CPU-).

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… but …

Dealing with close to 1 Gigabytes per second with an embedded processor is simply unthinkable. With its hardware (processor-less) stack implementation, 10GEDEK is the perfect solution, both for sending and for receiving without loss in an FPGA.

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The beauty of the GEDEK paradigm

If you’re not familiar with the concept of our GEDEK IP, you can refer to our GEDEK Introduction document. We have ported the main concepts of GEDEK to 10G Ethernet.

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For what kind of FPGAs ?

10GEDEK is, at this time, available off-the-shelf on Stratix V, Arria10 and Stratix10 FPGAs, Xilinx Series 7, and Ultrascale. Microsemi versions can be made available on-demand.

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Want to know more ?

You’ll need to contact us (and probably sign a NDA) to get more details on our 10G solutions.
You can fill in our Information Request Form and tell us about your application.

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