Digital Audio

Digital Audio IPs

We have many Digital Audio Processing Blocks available, including a complete “High-Definition Stereo Sound Processor” with Volume, Balance, Bass, Treble, Loudness, ALC, anti-click… This IP has high performance (internal precision up to 56 bits) but still fits in a small area. Once again, this kind of performance and optimization was driven by the automotive market.

The demand in this area is not as high as for other IPs, so we are not planning in making efforts to further package standard blocks, but we prefer to focus on specific needs and propose customized and highly optimized solutions based on our know-how.

We also have a number of audio blocks that we use frequently :

  • Audio Codec interfaces / Controllers
  • Audio embedded in Video stream
  • Audio Generator
  • etc

So, if you are interested in Digital Audio IPs, please contact us.