Miscellaneous IPs

After more than 20 years of very intensive design activity, we have developed an extremely rich “internal catalog” of reusable blocks. But it would require too much investment to package, advertise, market and maintain all these as Off_The_Shelf IPs.
Moreover, many such IPs would typically be too cheap to be sold as IPs.

However, all our customers can still take advantage of this huge know-how …

When we quote the design of an FPGA, we will obviously tap in our internal database which includes a lot of almost everything. As a customer, your advantage is obvious : we will design your application very quickly, and this will directly reflect on the cost, so you’ll get it very quickly, with reliable performance, and at the bast cost.

Among the things we’ve done and master (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • PCI Express and PCIE Drivers
  • Ethernet (we invented the hardware stack concept with GEDEK)
  • 10G Ethernet
  • Industrial Networks (PowerLink, or our own GBE network)
  • ADC and DAC serial and parallel interfaces
  • JESD204B (see our IP)
  • Image sensors interfaces
  • Video processing, demosaicing, filtering, denoising, contrast and uniformity enhancement…
  • infra-Red image and video processing.
  • Multi-gigabit links on Altera devices (Seriallite II & III, SuperLite…).
  • Software Defined Radios processing blocks : DDFS, Mixers, filters, modulators, demodulators, detectors, UP and Down conversion, etc…
  • We have our own Radix-based FFT-iFFT (many implementations and optimizations available) which may have some advantages over vendors IPs in specific cases.
  • Implementation of complex algorithms for Electronic Warfare systems.
  • Synchronized and time-locked Large array of FPGAs for widespread detection systems and accurate timestamping + correlation.
  • For Audio IPs, see the specific page.
  • For Memory controllers, see the specific page.
  • Simple Terminal CRTC controllers, very compact, includes the character generator Rom
  • LCD driver. Used in some of our Training courses.
  • MIL-STD-1553 (BC, RT, Spy, Behavioral models…).
  • Arinc 429 Tx + Rx available on-shelf with source code and test bench
  • Highly optimized and compact 2D-DCT and 2D-iDCT (streaming implementation).
  • Huffman compression & decompression
  • RLE encoding/decoding,
  • Hardware GZIP (see our IP)
  • Signal processing blocks : a lot ! please contact us…
  • PID regulator (we’ve designed so many, all slightly different from each other).
  • 2-Phase or 3-Phase AC Digital Signal Processing (active & reactive power calculation, filtering, DC offset detection, etc).
  • I2C and SMBus controllers (Masters) and Slaves. See also PCA9557 on this site.
  • SDcard / SmartCard interfaces.
  • MIIM controller: to control Ethernet PHYs.
  • Bi-directional PS/2 controller (the unidirectional is free for personal use).
  • PWM Controllers (all kinds…).
  • 2-lines LCD controller (this IP is free fo personal use but you must purchase it if you want to use it in a commercial project).
  • Quadrature Decoder (there is a free version available, for personal use).
  • Sinewave generation (some free IPs too).
  • Temperature sensors interface (we have many in stock).
  • UART-based debugging module (bus transactor) : BESI.
  • Binary-to-BCD conversion, ultra-compact.
  • InHg <-> Hp compact conversion.
  • °C <-> °F conversion.
  • DTMF tone generator (Free IP for personal use).
  • Dynamic PLL driving for Actel Igloo.
  • Infra-Red audio link Digital Modulators (see Audio page).
  • Sigma-delta DACs and Pulse-width Modulation-Demodulation
  • Optimized FIR ad IIR Filters.
  • 6809 processor (RTL source code) to address obsolescence issues. AND A LOT MORE …