For Trainings in France, please visit our dedicated Formations en France Website.
We also occasionally deliver trainings in Europe or even in the US, Japan, Singapore…

Delivering Training Courses is an important part of our activity. All the ALSE Engineers are involved both in Designing and in delivering Training courses, a very powerful combination, which is good for our customers and good for us:

  • Our designs are based on the best methodology and a perfect knowledge of the design languages and tools used.
  • Our customers clearly appreciate that their instructor is also an Expert Designer !

Sharing our know-how is demanding to us since we handle and deliver three portfolios :

Altera Training courses

Designed in tight collaboration with Altera USA, they are complemented with our own material and assembled in a simple set of two different courses (3-days or 4-days each). We deliver theses courses in France (in French) and in English other European countries (UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Benelux…).

ALSE Training Courses

Embedded Software, Memory Interfaces, and Company-specific courses.

Doulos Training Courses in France

  • Essential Digital Design Techniques
  • Comprehensive VHDL, Advanced VHDL, VHDL for FPGA
  • Expert VHDL Design & Verification
  • FastTrack Verilog
  • SystemVerilog for Design
  • SystemVerilog for Verification
  • Comprehensive SystemC
  • SystemC Modelling with TLM 2.0
  • ABV with PSL
  • Tcl/Tk
  • UVM Verification, etc…

Please visit our Formations en France Website

You can also Contact us to organize specific trainings, or tell us which course you are interested in.