Application Notes

Various Application Notes

The new Intel 14 nm Stratix 10 FPGA family offer unprecedented performance.

However, taking full advantage of this new architecture and associated design tools requires to adopt new design techniques and use a new generation of tools. We have the proper trainings offer to help customers.

This ApNote is merely an illustration of how to achieve simply good performance with little efforts. Ultimate performance will require more efforts, but starting from a sound design will always help.

If you just bought the TEC0117 GOWIN LittleBee FPGA module, you can follow this small Application Note to go through the whole process of setting up the Gowin tools, creating a simple project and testing it on the FPGA board. If you don’t have the board, you can still follow the step to have a view of the Gowin design flow.

This (2017) complete Application Note shows how to control the LT24 LCD Display from an FPGA kit. Even if you use a different LCD controller, you could be interested in the techniques used in this ApNote.