Free IPs

For Education purpose, we provide here a number of Free simple IPs (for personal use only !)
Even if these blocks are quite simple, the coding style, the functions implemented, and the unitary verification methodology (test benches and behavioral models) are nonetheless very typical and representative of modern FPGA design.

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For non-commercial projects only, we have taken the decision to offer some functions for free, provided that you respect the disclaimers and restrictions appearing in the IPs. In particular, you cannot remove the headers or use these IPs in commercial or research projects without the prior written authorization from ALSE.

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IP list

  • NEW : LT24 / ILI9341 LCD display Application Note !
    We’ll show you how to use this LCD display (which has the reputation of being complex) with two Reference Designs : one purely Hardware and one using an embedded processor.
  • Simple, Compact & Efficient UART ! (FREE only under certain conditions).
    Take a look at the UART Documentation… and contact us to receive this IP.
    You can also learn about RS232 and how to code a UART.
  • Updated Jan 2019 Deglitcher(FREE IP). Ever needed to handle a Push Button or a glitchy input ?
    This parameterizable, compact, yet efficient IP (9 Logic Cells) will do the job nicely.
  • Simple Matrix Keypad Decoder (FREE IP) _Ready for Telephone-type Numeric Keypad, but easy to adapt to any matrix keyboard.
  • R/C Servo Controller. (FREE IP)
    A Cascadable 8-bits ( 0.7° resolution) Pulse Width controller to drive standard and widely available R/C Servos.
    Great for Hobbyist robotics projects.
  • High Performance 32 bits parallel CRC16 calculation (FREE IP)
    Calculate over 6 Gigabits per second on cheap FPGA (Cyclone III).
    For personal use only !
  • 6809 System 
    This is not really a free IP but you can try this complete 6809 system on an FPGA board.
  • Simple PS/2 Controller (FREE IP)
    This simple and very compact version is suitable to read from a PS/2 keyboard. It does not support the host -> Device communication (see below).
  • Complete bidirectional PS/2 Controller (FREE only under certain conditions, not available directly).
    This PS/2 controller is complete and includes the Host->Device communication. It can therefore handle any kind of PS/2 peripheral (keyboard, mouse…).  A sample application is bundled and allows very quick tests of the interface:  plug a keyboard or a mouse and enjoy !
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A Note to Students

If you have an assignment, please do not use directly our IPs or ask us for other IPs not in the list above ! Examine our free IPs, make sure you understand the way we code, and apply our coding and verification techniques to your assignment. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn something useful !

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