Memory Controllers

Driving External Memories (SRam, DRams, SSRAM, non-volatile like SPI, NOR, NAND etc) efficiently from an FPGA often requires more than the “standard” (and often free) controllers proposed by the FPGA vendor. We can help you here.

We have developed a lot of different High Performance Memory Controllers :

  • Parallel Flash (NOR-Flash and NAND-Flash) Memory Controllers with burst mode option, Qsys integration, etc…
  • Serial Flash Memory controllers (x1 and x4 -Quad SPI- NEW & HOT !)
    Cheaper, faster, small footprint, low-pin count… no surprise we have customers in the automotive who adopted them long ago ! These Quad-SPI memories have a lot to seduce with. Their weak point was the necessity of using a good controller and potential (lack of) performance issues: both are solved with our controller ! Contact us to receive more information.
  • Ultra-High-Performance Multiport DRAM Controllers :
    SDR, DDR, Mobile DDR, DDR II, DDR III…,
  • Static Ram Controllers:
    SRAM, SSRAM (Synchronous SRAM), PSRAM (Pseudo-SRam), QDR…
  • Combined Flash + SDRam controllers (with pin sharing)
    Welcome for very low cost solutions using low pin count FPGAs.

The integration of external memories in an FPGA project has become a serious challenge and a very common performance bottleneck. For example, we can demonstrate how switching to our Ultra-High-Perf DRam controllers (from a standard High Perf controller !) can boost the performance of your system by a factor of three (x3) !

We deliver solutions where Performance matters and we have many customers in the “corners” of the envelope: automotive for the extremely Low Cost BOM, Wimax or Full-HD designers for the Extreme performance. We have also customers in the avionics for specific needs combining High Performance and increased Reliability (ECC, transaction ordering, etc). We have also developed a complete ecosystem (Testers, Monitors, real-time in-system Performance and Transaction analyzers…) to help you with the most complex requirements and situations.

Apart from developing and offering standard, customized, or fully customized Controllers, we deliver an Advanced two-days Training Course (“Memory Interfaces”) to help customers dealing with the challenge of using modern external Memories and getting the best performance and reliability. In general, we like to share our expertise.

Thanks to our very strong and productive partnership with Altera, it is no surprise if we have a lot of solutions ready-to-test and ready-to-use for the Altera FPGAs, but don’t give up if you are using another brand: we may be able to help !

If you are interested, it’s best to contact us with a rapid description of your needs so we can send you the proper documentation (and a demo if applicable).