AVDB - Video Board

To develop Video applications on FPGA or even to build video systems, AVDB is the perfect candidate, at an affordable cost. With embedded HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity, onboard DDR3, Gigabit Ethernet, SDI (with SFP+ module) and the largest Cyclone V FPGA, this board is an ideal platform for all kinds of projects, including 4K video ! Combined with the use of the Altera Video IP Suite, complete applications can be developed in just a few hours.

AVDB Board

This feature rich FPGA board has been designed by ALSE to implement various challenging applications with a special focus on Video Acquisition, Processing, Displaying, and/or Streaming over Ethernet. For example, one or several AVDB boards can be plugged in a PC as a video I/O + video processing board for building COTS Servers.

This industry-first board is propelled by an FPGA: the largest and fastest device from the low-cost 28 nm Altera Cyclone V GT family, which includes twelve 6.144 Gigabits transceivers, over 680 multipliers and 12+ megabits of internal memory.

Combined with IPs available from Altera: “VIP” (Video IP suite) or from ALSE, this board can address the most recent: protocols, processing and video formats (including Ultra HD “4K” video), with unprecedented performance.

Video transformation, compression, decompression, format / rate changing or other complex algorithms can be implemented in the FPGA and run in real-time, outperforming the most powerful CPUs and associated software.

This State-of-the Art High-End board is an excellent choice for Professional A/V Developers and Manufacturers. Moreover, its affordable price and its ability to fit in just any PC opens a realm of possibilities for creating and marketing very quickly new products and innovative solutions.

To help you implementing video functions, you can check with our numerous high-performance Video IPs and also take advantage of the Altera Video IP Suite. We have developed a lot of Demos and Reference Designs, a few of which are described in the ADVB Reference Designs document.

You can consult the AVDB Datasheet.

AVDB (aka Clovis Video Kit) is manufactured in France and sold worldwide by REFLEX CES.

PS : If you buy AVDB (or the Clovis Kit), you are then entitled to buy the VIP (Altera Video IP Suite) at a discounted price ! You will need to provide the board S/N.

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