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  • Customer Testimonials 3 January 2018 11:59, by Marc Hanauer

    In a project where we were already in the production phase, we faced an unsystematic problem (about 20% of production). After a few weeks of investigation and having discarded all the other causes, we came to the conclusion that the problem was related to the interface between the FPGA and its DDR2 memory.

    We then asked ALSE to evaluate our VHDL desgin and they quickly identified and corrected the problem.

    Their responsiveness and expertise have been invaluable to us and we highly recommend working with them.

  • Julian Dietrich 3 November 2017 13:04

    Over the last 8 years ALSE developed several VHDL-designs for LLA Instruments GmbH in Berlin. All designs reached our quality and performance specifications 100% (often even more) and are still used in series production for different hyperspectral cameras. The ALSE-team is qualified, motivated, fast and friendly. They really know what they’re doing and the support philosophy is outstanding in the market. So when you’re looking for state-of-the-art solutions and a fully reliable company - choose ALSE

  • Customer Testimonials 14 January 2011 14:32, by J.P. Huet – Actaris, (Hardware Leader - Load Management Systems)

    ALSE has designed for the Actaris Electricity Division several complex FPGAs applications mixing Signal Processing and Industrial Automation. This technology, combined with our “savoir-faire”, gave the opportunity to develop a new generation of products, more compact and enhanced with new functionality’s for some innovative Ripple Control Load Management Systems. This generation offers a greater efficiency and allows to quickly meet new customers specifications.

    ALSE was able to pack a LOT of features and processing power in small Altera devices, in just couples of weeks ! Cost and delay were always right on target.

    Moreover, since we received all the source code, know-how, and the proper training , we have been able to iterate the designs autonomously. We can reuse their code at will, in existing and future equipment, at no extra cost.

    Last but not least: the ALSE engineers stand behind their code. We can ask for support even years after, and get help instantly. ALSE’s Technical support is excellent !

    Sub-contracting our FPGA designs to ALSE has been a very successful experience , both short-term and long-term due to their « savoir-faire » (expertise) and high sense of partnership

  • Customer Testimonials 6 July 2009 14:23, by Lionel Beneteau - Schlumberger Sugar Land Product Center, (Electrical Technology Manager)

    ALSE helped us in different occasions and projects, all successful.

    Their HDL, FPGA and ASIC expertise was indeed a welcome addition to our internal forces, and helped us implement our ambitious projects and innovative signal processing schemes. On two different ASIC projects, their strong verification methodology helped achieve a First pass correct silicon while meeting very stringent and demanding deadlines.

    ALSE came out with innovative solutions (SoC Asic debugger, custom Flash field programmer…) that addressed nicely serious issues in the project, and were designed very quickly.

    The ALSE engineers are competent both in VHDL and Verilog which was important to us since we use both languages in Schlumberger, and they are fast !

    We also did appreciate the transparency : ALSE trained our engineers on HDL and Design & Verification Methodology, and transferred all their know-how to our teams. This was definitely more a partnership than mere subcontracting.

  • Customer Testimonials 6 September 2007 14:38, by Jean-Loup Chrétien, CEO TieTronix Optics. (First Western non-American Cosmonaut)

    ALSE developed a complete and optimized video system in a Cyclone FPGA in just three weeks, from specification to working prototype !

    ALSE offered fixed cost and guaranteed delays, with no payment until the system was delivered and working. This no-risk approach facilitated the purchase decision.

    Moreover, they turned all their know-how to us, all source files (including comments!), test benches, scripts, design documentation, etc… so that we were immediately able to modify and adapt the system to other needs.

    The source code is clear, well-written, very efficient, and easy to maintain. We have rights to use this source code as we please we can modify it as needed, and we have no royalty issue for the future of our project. The developers are very knowledgeable, responsive and efficient.

    Last but not least, the solution they built is highly optimized : it is fast, compact, and takes the best advantage of the hardware resources available.

    We enjoyed this way of subcontracting and we highly recommend this company