HPPB - Stratix IV

Stratix IV Boards

This High Performance Acquisition & Processing FPGA Board, based on Altera Stratix IV FPGA, exists in two versions.

HPBB Board

We designed this very complex board above to deliver the highest performance on the market (at this time). This board exists in two versions : one to be used with an FMC108 8 channels ADC daughter board, and one to be used with an FMC150 ADC + DAC daughter board. Note that we have now develpped a Stratix V board (see HPAPB).

With 16 PCB routing layers, 3 x DDR3 memory interfaces, support for 2 x QSFP and 2 x SFP+ modules, 4 x SATA II connectors, ready-to-use framework with ultra-high performance Gigabit Ethernet links and a High Pin Count FMC-VITA extension connector, we deliver a unique platform with unmatched performance. Harnessing this power is easy thanks to our framework : customers can build complete applications in just a few hours.

This board can host a 4DSP-FMC108 extension daughter card offering 8 x ADC channels x 14 bits x 250 Ms/s. We have tested and qualified the team HPBB+FMC108 for analog acquisition and the results are excellent thus proving the quality of the design and layout. Likewise, our live signal integrity measurements of the DDR3 interfaces are extremely good with the largest capture windows, allowing the use of these memories at the maximum frequency with an excellent safety margin.

The complete FMC108 interface and driver (internal PLL control synchronized ADC interface) are available and ready to use.

The FMC150 version provides a solution when both Signal Acquisition AND generation is desired.

With the very high processing power of the Stratix IV GX, the HPBB series allows for the most challenging acquisition and real-time processing applications.

You can download here the HPBB Product Brief.

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