Board and System Design

Over the years, an increasing number of our clients asked us if we could design complex boards and systems for them.

Some companies did not maintain PCB design teams or did not acquire the increasingly complex competence required by modern PCBs with signals running at more than 10 GHz, huge SI (Signal Integrity) issues, routing challenges, and critical PCB technology.

We have listened to them.

At ALSE, we have one PCB and System Design Expert.

His ’Hall of Fame" since he joined us is our own boards (AVDB, Signal Acquisition module, HPPB, HPAPB) as well as many customer projects. Our last complex PCB (for HPAPB) uses 16 layers on Megtron6 substrate with buried and filled-in laser vias.

Our Expert is also good at designing FPGAs and complex systems like arrays of interconnected boards. Today, being an excellent FPGA designer is nearly a requirement for designing PCBs hosting the latest FPGA families.

His extremely wide experience covers Analog, High frequency, High Temperature PCBs, Manufacturing, and much much more…

At this time, we are still using Altium Designer as Schematics and PCB design software.

This being said, you can easily imagine that he is constantly busy (and overly so). This means our bandwidth is severely limited and we have to reserve his time for complex and valuable projects.
However we do not intend to hire a second PCB designer (our core competencies remain FPGA design and Embedded Systems, and both are more challenging every year), so there is no hope of seeing our bandwidth increasing drastically.

If you are facing a PCB design challenge, you can contact us, if only to get a free evaluation of the complexity and maybe a quotation for your PCB or board design.
In any case, it’s better if you contact us early.