Why ALSE ?

If you need help with your FPGA project, you’ll discover that ALSE can easily be the right company to work with…

As FPGA & Embedded Systems Experts, we provide:

  • Product Development
  • IPs
  • Consulting
  • Training Courses.

Our Charter:

  • Quality
  • On-Time delivery
  • Transparency & Fairness

Quality: Our work is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations, and it works first-time ! We have a long experience in the Design business and our customers enjoy our fast, efficient, clever, and dense architectures (one of our design did fit in a 5 times smaller device than the competition).

On-Time delivery: We are (almost) nevr late ! We help you meet the most stringent deadlines. Even if you think it is hopeless, there is still a good chance that we could deliver the job on time…

Transparency & Fairness: We want Happy and FREE customers ! (see our Testimonials)
All our designs are delivered complete with all the documentation, and we transfer our know-how. We can also train you if necessary. So, once we have delivered and the system is tested, you will not need us to maintain or modify it !
Our business model is not based on captive and frustrated customers, but on successful projects and happy customers. And it works for us too: we prefer designing new projects (with high added value) than modify older designs.
Transferring the complete know-how is a Win-Win situation and we enjoy the partnership-type relation we establish with our customers.

Do you know it usually takes us
no more than 2 to 3 weeks
to design a complex FPGA ?

With ALSE, Your Success is Guaranteed !