Nina is a very simple add-on board that can be plugged into many cheap FPGA kits including the BeMicroMax10, the DE0-nano, the DE2 series etc. It provides a lot of extra peripherals and features including Ethernet and many more.

Nina extending the DE0-nano

Extend low-cost kits with Ethernet and many extra features!

Nina is a small and simple add-on board that can extend low-cost kits (like the DE0-nano above) and add a lot of new peripherals and features, including Ethernet !


  • Ethernet (100M)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Position Encoder rotating button)
  • Accelerometer (3-axis)
  • UART over USB
  • Audio output
  • LVDS I/Os
  • RC-Servos connectors (2 axis)

User’s Guide

You can download here the Nina User’s Guide.

Document download