Custom FPGA Design

Designing FPGAs, or Complex Hardware functions, or Embedded Systems for our Customers is our #1 occupation !

In most cases, our customers are asking us to design the entire FPGA or Embedded System for them. With our rich internal know-how, very focused, expert and dedicated Design Team, allied with our excellent methodology, we are usually in the best position to do so.

Some other times, we design only Complex Blocks or IPs, for customers who have internal design competence but who need help on some functions, who experience design resource shortage, or who must deal with extremely short deadlines.

But in all situations, we are clearly different from other contractors, and quite proud of our Modus Operandi:

  • We transfer our know-how to our customers ! This is probably our most attractive peculiarity, and it changes the sub-contracting paradigm in a very positive way.
    Our strong Training activity is clearly a plus, since we can make sure our customers acquire the right know-how to appropriate our work in the best conditions.
  • We quote firm delivery dates and prices, even if the specification is fuzzy or incomplete!
  • We guarantee that our design will work, reliably.
    Many new customers are surprised to see that our designs are usually functional at first try. This is only the consequence of a very solid methodology, with a strong verification process based on simulation, behavioral models, etc…
    As of reliability, this is where our expertise shines. But don’t imagine we apply some well-kept secrets to achieve this quality: we actually teach all these safe design rules that make a difference ! You can then understand why some much of the existing code is unsafe and unreliable.
  • We have a success rate of 100 %, and we want to stay there !
    This Zero Failure figure has a great value for us, and we work hard to make sure we won’t compromise it.
  • And indeed our deliveries are never late.
  • Payment occurs only when the design is finished (and working).
    We normally do not quote up front fees.
  • We are extremely fast !
    The design of a complete and quite complex FPGA is typically around three weeks. Sometimes even less.
  • We are (as a consequence of the above) normally much cheaper than the competition. But we can’t guarantee this: some desperate or far contractors may quote very low prices and deliver designs that have no chance to work properly. By not transferring the know-how, they usually plan to invoice more after the initial delivery, and they often take advantage of holes in the specification.
    Unfortunately, we have been called to fix these “designs” way too often and these practices are hurting the (serious) sub-contracting business.

So, clearly, we don’t mind if we do not produce the cheapest quotation (though most of the time, we do), we want to remain the best partner and guarantee the customer’s project success.

As you can easily discover, working with us is very easy, productive and safe. You just have to contact us with our contact form and tell us in a few words what your project is and how we could help you. Very quickly, we’ll get back to you and -if we can help- you will receive within a few days a quotation for the service you need.

If we are not in the best position to help you, or if we think of other solutions in your own interest, we will tell you !

We do not chase customers, we never had to advertise, and we are always very busy. And indeed we want to keep our success rate at 100% so we are committed to succeed.

Remember :

  1. We can design a complex FPGA in just 2 to 3 weeks !
    If needed : we can also build a hardware prototype for you.
  2. We act as a Team in your company and as a Partner committed to your Project’s success.
  3. With ALSE, your success is 100% guaranteed.
  4. We will transfer our know-how, and we can train you if necessary.

More than 23 years of existence and 100% success rate can’t lie !