VHDL helper

This section is for VHDL users.
It includes various useful articles, VHDL templates with code examples, and some Utilities.

This article describes two problems I found in NUMERIC_STD.
Conclusions : do not multiply signed or unsigned vectors by an integer, and be careful with with the resize function !

If you are looking for well-written code to analyze, or coding examples, please check also our Free IP section where you can find the source code of many IPs, which are reasonably simple to understand while implementing all the concepts needed for designing complex functions.

We have dedicated this page to Code Templates, so beginners or more advanced designers can simply cut & paste from the snippets. There is enough code here to be used in 90% of VHDL code (both RTL and Simulation).

Beginners: don’t miss some Application Notes especially “Writing Test benches”.

Note : the code below is compatible with all (decent) synthesis tools (it does not use VHDL 2008 constructs).

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