Hi-Res Analog

This Industrial Ethernet High-Resolution Data Acquisition Module is a ready-to-use instrument perfect for acquiring low frequency signals at very high resolution (24-bit) and driving Digital I/Os. Can be used as an Oscilloscope or as an Acquisition front-end driven by an easy-to-write custom software, or even as an AUTONOMOUS system!

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This industrial Ethernet Data Acquisition Module is the best companion in any laboratory or for developing custom applications demanding high resolution analog signal acquisition. Digital I/O has been thrown in to provide a complete system that can even be rendered completely autonomous.

Sub-MicroVolts at your fingertips !

With 24-bit resolution and very low noise, this acquisition system can extract deeply hidden information in your signals.

Easy to Use

As compared to competitive systems using USB, the Ethernet connectivity provide immense advantages :

  • Reliable transfers with high bandwidth (up to 100 MBytes / sec)
  • No driver specific required
  • No painful installation
  • No common ground with the PC
  • The PC can be VERY far !
  • Cheap connectivity
  • a PC can drive several Acquisition modules.

Use Examples

Complete Test bench for industrial measurements.

Unequalled Versatility

ALSE or our customers can even develop code for the internal FPGA which is in charge of performing the ADC acquisition and the Ethernet communication. The potential of this architecture is enormous ! You can develop autonomous real time hardware signal processing as well as Digital I/O control that runs in real time without relying on a host processor ! An application example would be to perform complex (pun intended) measurements and calculation in real time (like active and reactive power measurements) and drive the digital outputs to perform safety functions.

With these features, you’ll find that there is no equivalent on the market.

ALSE Framework

The system comes with a complete Reference Design using the SciLab open-source software. Our system is also indeed compatible with MATLAB and SIMULINK and potentially with any software (thanks to our documented UDP transport API).

You can see the details in the [soon available Datasheet] or you can contact us.