ADM - Max 10

Max10 module compatible with Devboard’s DBM modules.

Powered by an Intel’s Max10 FPGA, this affordable plugin module can replace (in many applications) the now old and hard to get DBM3C (Cyclone III) modules.
The Max10 is a very recent FPGA family and is supported by the latest versions of Quartus. It also includes two embedded ADC converters.

ADM Max 10 Module - JPEG - 220.2 kb
ADM Max 10 Module

Replacing old modules

ADM is compatible with DBM3C modules : it can be plugged in the same baseboards. We developed this simple module for our own needs including a Gigabit Ethernet concentrator driving multiple remote controllers through optical fibers. This module can be helpful for similar applications that were developed for older DBM modules, thus we made it available off the shelf. The Max10 FPGA also offers 2 x ADC (Analog to Digital Converters) not available on the original modules.

Caveat Emptor

Note however that this module does not implement the external memory nor the external Flash as compared to the original DBM modules, so it is not functionally equivalent and may not be suitable for any replacement. An analysis of the features used by the DBM design is necessary to verify whether ADM can be used as a replacement.

Block Diagram

ADM Block Diagram - PNG - 72.1 kb
ADM Block Diagram

Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity made Easy

ADM is well suited for (Gigabit) Ethernet connectivity applications, especially when using ALSE’s GEDEK IP.

You can download here the ADM Datasheet here.

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