ALSE: Advanced Logic Synthesis for Electronics

Advanced Logic Synthesis for Electronics (“A.L.S.E”), offers a complete range of Design Services, Trainings, IPs, and Boards to help you with the design of FPGA-based applications or Embedded Systems.

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In general, we excel in Complex and High Performance Digital Systems.

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We have accumulated a lot of know-how and experience like:

  • High Speed connectivity (100G & beyond) with our Aurora 8B/10 and Aurora 64B/66B IPs.
  • 10G Ethernet hardware stack (no processor) : 10GEDEK
  • Gigabit (1G) Ethernet hardware stack (no processor) : GEDEK
  • Video IPs. A lot ! iR acquisition and image processing. Video Compression/Decompression.
  • Memory Controller IPs (Ram, Nand & Nor Flash, HyperRam …)
  • Compact HDMI in+out
  • Industrial Systems: for data acquisition and processing, complex regulation, motor & power control…
  • Industrial Networks : Ultra-Low Latency Gigabit redundant Network with unequaled performance!
  • Stratix V GX FPGA 8 channels Acquisition and Processing board, with 100G connectivity bandwidth.
  • Hardware Signal Processing: ALSE has Implemented many FPGA-based digital signal processing (DSP) systems used in various fields ranging from electronic warfare systems to radio-astronomy to real-time acquisition.
  • Audio Systems: ALSE offers several audio IPs including a Digital Audio Processor (volume, tone control, ALC, loudness filter, InfraRed links…)
  • Avionics Systems: The internal know-how includes Arinc 429, Ethernet, secure systems, panel controls, PowerPC bridges, MILSTD 1553 bus…
  • Obsolescence: Redesign of entire obsolete boards in FPGA.
  • Services: HDL Design review, ASIC/FPGA auditing, ASIC re-design, VHDL Certification…
  • Very High Temperature (200°C) designs.
  • And indeed we have a very strong Training Activity, when we share our know-how with three portfolios.

Feel free to navigate in this website and discover our IPs, our services, and the various aspects of our daily activity.

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