EDID manager

This IP is actually two IPs in one and can manage the EDID Tables used in HDMI to let the sink (rx) disclose the video (and audio) formats that it supports.

The two IP blocks are :

EDID Table Provider

This function includes an EDID Table provided by the user and an I2C Slave in order to manage the Display Data channel of a HDMI Sink device. It allows to specify the video and audio formats expected by the Sink.

EDID Table Parser

This small function can be used in conjunction with the HDMI Source IP Core to manage the Display data Channel of a HDMI Source Interface. This core includes an I2C Master and a custom logic to analyze video formats available in the EDID Table of a display monitor and returns the video format to use for a given Pixel clock frequency.

Compact - no Processor needed

Neither blocks require a processor to work.