Gowin FPGA discovery

If you just bought the TEC0117 GOWIN LittleBee FPGA module, you can follow this small Application Note to go through the whole process of setting up the Gowin tools, creating a simple project and testing it on the FPGA board. If you don’t have the board, you can still follow the step to have a view of the Gowin design flow.

This small and simple Application Note was created since the available Gowin documentation is spread over many documents and videos.

Note : as of Sept 2022, the TEC0117 GOWIN LittleBee FPGA module, normally available from Trenz Electronic, seems to be out of stock (like a lot of FPGA and kits).

Whether you have the module or not, you can follow the steps to discover the Gowin FPGA design flow.

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