ALSE Intellectual Property Blocks (“IPs”) are ready-to-use complex FPGA functions that you can buy from A.L.S.E and integrate in your projects.


After over ten years of developing custom solutions for individual customers, we realized that a lot more customers could take advantage of our large know-how to build powerful, efficient and economical solutions, quickly. Our expertise covers several domains among which: Ethernet, PCIExpress, Video Processing, Image or Video Compression & Decompression (JPEG and Wavelet CODECs), High Performance Memory controllers etc.


All our IPs are either unique or offer significant advantages over the competition.
Our prices are very attractive, but we pride ourselves in offering Better IPs (faster, smaller, better performance). Our IPs are unbeatable on both Performance and Price. And, most importantly, we stand behind them and we make sure our IPs will work flawlessly in your designs.

Unlike many predictions, clever, efficient, and extremely optimized design is not losing ground, quite the contrary ! With the strong trend to replace ASICs by FPGAs, the cost must be drastically optimized (including speed grade and area) and inefficient implementations are often not an option. Other factors are pushing in the same direction (Fmax, power consumption reduction, space reduction, chip count reduction, cost reduction, etc).

Don’t take our word for it !

We are so confident in our technology that we make special efforts to facilitate the Evaluation of our IPs (we have built a lot of free demonstrators).
Contact our Engineers so we can see how you could evaluate our IP.

Affordable yet not Free !

If you have a real need and a budget (our IPs are cost-effective, but not free), we can help you.

If you are a student, we are much less likely to be able to help you (exceptions exist though).

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And if you don’t find what you’re looking for : PLEASE LET US KNOW ! We might be working on it already ;-)